Experience the World of Stained & Beach Glass!

Custom Orders and Readymade Items

Your Imagination is all that is holding your back from a beautiful creation of your own.

Art within the heart and soul is captured in the pieces created by Driftwood Gypsy Artisan.

The talented creator behind Driftwood Gypsy Artisan is Maya Ehses. Residing in Terrace, BC.

She specializes in custom creations, but has a wide variety of re-creatable pieces available.

It all starts with an idea, or something you saw that you fell in love with.  Maya takes that and turns it into custom heartwarming items.


Custom Color Your Life.

Order your custom piece with deposit.

Purchase your own piece from my currently available collection.

Deposit is required for all custom orders based on size.

Shipping Available via Canada Post.

Contact us

Telephone: +1 250 615 7479 

Email: info@driftwoodgypsyartisan.com

Address: 4822 Halliwell Ave, Terrace, BC V8G2J4

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